7 African Countries Joins Fastest Growing Countries League

19 Apr, 2013

According to the World Bank’s latest Africa’s Pulse report (.pdf), 7 countries from the African continent: Sierra Leone, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, and Rwanda grew at 7 percent or higher, putting them in a league with the fastest growing countries in the world.

The 28-page report highlights on new data on sub-Saharan African countries growth, sound economic policies and programs increasing growth rate and the hope of reducing and alleviating poverty.

A blog-post by the World Bank Chief Economist for Africa – Shanta Devarajan explains more on the Africa’s Pulse report and also seek to find answers to the following very important questions on growth and poverty reduction in Africa.


Can Africa’s promising growth become more poverty reducing, especially in resource-rich countries? In technical terms, can Africa’s growth elasticity of poverty be increased?

Download the latest Africa’s Pulse Report (.pdf 2.4MB) and help yourself with more on the subject of growth, working policies shaping growth and ways poverty can be reduced when this growth is used well.

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