Review: Rlg’s Latest Uhuru Tablet PC

Rlg Communications Limited from Ghana launched their latest product - Uhuru Tablet PC

Rlg Communications Limited from Ghana launched their latest product – Uhuru Tablet PC

Rlg Communications Limited from Ghana launched their latest product – Uhuru Tablet PC which is a both a Tablet and a Notebook a couple of weeks ago.

By the kind courtesy of Donald Ward of iROKKO Concepts, I got one delivered for review over the weekend.

The Rlg Uhuru device and power units come very nicely packaged in a custom designed box sporting a carry handle. Inside the main box, the device is supported with a cork at each side preventing it from damaging in case the box hits the ground and the another box for the power units.

Concept of Uhuru

The concept of Rlg’s Uhuru is based on a convertible concept, which is the combination of a tablet and a keyboard docking system.

The device runs on Microsoft’s newest operating system – Windows 8 and Intel’s Core i5 processor and can be used as a Tablet or a Notebook, which also features a touch operation with fingers or a stylus and has a keyboard dock that comes with it.



The Uhuru device has two physical buttons for volume control, as well as ON/OFF, positioning sensor, and WLAN keys. In addition, the tablet is also one of the devices with the most interfaces.

There’s an RJ-45 port for LAN connectivity and two audio ports for Speaker/Mic making it easy for video conferencing via Skype which is pre-installed.


The keyboard that comes with the docking system makes typing on the device very easy and flexible considering how the compact the whole device is.

All the expected keys on a normal Windows PC are present, including the Windows Start and context menu buttons. There’s even a Caps Lock light.


The Rlg Uhuru comes with a One-Year Guaranty against any manufacturing defects.

Repairs and replacements will be made free of charge during this period, therefore the Service Warranty voucher must be kept and produced by consumers/buyers of the product.


The Rlg Uhuru offers an awesome dual-display design with a convertible tablet for the mobile user at a fairly high price for the average Ghanaian.

Starting at GHc 1,950.00 (USD 1,020.00; GBP 675.00 and EUR 767.00), the Rlg Uhuru compared to the Microsoft Surface which starts from USD750.00 (GHc 1,435.00) running at almost everything as the latter is expensive and less affordable.

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RLG Uhuru Tablet PC
RLG Uhuru Tablet PC
The Good
  • Dual-display combines laptop and tablet functionality.
  • Solid Glass on lid is stylish looking and a responsive touchscreen.
  • Quality construction and Overall solid build.
  • Microsoft Office 10 pre-installed.
  • Speedy performance enhanced by Intel Core i5 inside.
The Bad
  • Only 2 USB Ports ports on docking system
  • One HDMI port & a USB port on tablet.
  • 60GB Solid-state Hard-drive isn't enough.
  • Poor photo quality from both front camera with 1.3MP and 2.0MP rear camera.
  • Performance and software
  • Design and features
  • Camera (Both Front & Rear)
  • Display and sound
  • Battery
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