StelooLive – Defining House Music Genre in Ghana

Today’s young Africans are more inspired and determined to cause a change with their ideas than ever. These Entrepreneurs, Developers, Innovators, Inventors and Fashion/Music startups are very fervent in...

Today’s young Africans are more inspired and determined to cause a change with their ideas than ever.

These Entrepreneurs, Developers, Innovators, Inventors and Fashion/Music startups are very fervent in their quest to transform the African continent with their ideas and skills than the earlier generation.

Not everyone understands House Music. It’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing and a lifestyle. I’m proud to know one individual in Ghana who’ve embraced House Music as his passion.

Meet Evans Mireku Kissi also known as Steloolive – a House Music DJ and Recording Artist from Accra, Ghana.

Below is an in-depth interview I had with him as part of my series on emerging entrepreneurs causing CHANGE in Ghana.

1.Who is Steloo and what are you made of? 

I have been described as Accra’s most fashionable DJ and rightly so Steloo is playing the part. I am House Music DJ, Recording Artist and a Model. I am made of Fusion. I am Made of Black. 

I’m also an anchor DJ on XFM 95.1‘s Friday Frisco show and Accra[dot]Alt’s vibrant annual Chale Wote Festival. I enjoy some form of notoriety for being a crowd puller.

My House of Commons Mix series boasts an eclectic selection of beats and tunes from the depths of music.  Currently, I’m working on my Fashion statement track and Naagba (problems) which is enjoying good airplay on Channel O. 

2. What sparked your interest in House Music?  

I personally under studied Eddy Blay on his set on the Over Drive Radio show on Vibe FM. The music he played struck a chord within me. Beautiful yet not mainstream in Ghana. It got me hooked like a drug. At long last I had found a music genre I could call excellent yet different.

3. To whom would you credit with your approach to DJing and the style of music you play?  

Eddy Blay Jnr - one of the pioneers of rap music and the face of Hip Hop in Ghana helped open certain doors and nurtured a budding talent in me. 

4. How much influence does your East-Africans have on your music?  

I have had influence from across the board.

5. Who are your favorite House Music DJs and Artists?  

DJs – Black Coffee (SA), Black Motion, Jason Kleatsh. Artists – Black Coffee (SA), Oskido, Black Motion.  It’s a long list but to mention just a few. Steloolive djing at the Chalewote Festival 2014.

6. What do you love most about your current lifestyle?  

I am on a gradual and steady progression to always announce my uniqueness with every appearance I make i.e. on my DJ set or through the fashion statement that I make.

7. How would you describe the music scene in Ghana? Do you think, House Music can compete with Hip-Life and others?

Music in Ghana like any other endeavor has journeyed from original tunes through a blend of original and borrowed music and it keeps growing. House Music is not in competition with Hip-Life. Typically, you develop a love for good house music, nod your head to it and embrace the vibe.

House Music is yet to become mainstream in Ghana but that is not to say it is subpar to Hip-Life and other genres. It’s just very a tasteful mix in it’s own right.

8. What inspires you to continue making and playing music?

I see the struggles and successes of the people I look up to. The price I’m willing to pay is to stay in the game and keep improving my music, my style and my brand as a whole. This is my call to duty.  


9. What do you think of the Guinness #MadeOfBlack Campaign?  

I believe the campaign is a powerful representation of a diverse yet singular African dream. It depicts a continent blind to color with a belief strong enough to warrant a call to action.

The #MadeOfBlack Campaign is a concept that will stay on our minds for all the positive reasons.

More information on the Made Of Black campaign here:



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