Interview: Rebecca Enonchong and Michael Ike on Why Culture Matters.

African Entrepreneurs interview with Rebecca Enonchong and Michael Ike on Why Culture Matters.

In this episode of African Entrepreneurs interview, SmartMonkey TV caught up two budding Entrepreneurs Rebecca Enonchong (Cameroon) and Michael Ike (Nigeria) on “Why Culture Matters”.

Rebecca Enonchong – Cameroon

Rebecca Enonchong is the Chair of ActivSpaces, Cameroon and talks about: the differences between the Anglophone and Francophone start-up worlds. She also stresses on why Cameroon as a country with both languages is interesting and how the start-up movement started in Anglophone Buea and the University it started in.

She concluded by touching on the role of education and how things are changing with Technology.

Michael Ike – Nigeria

Michael Ike is the Lead Innovation Platforms and Partnerships and Abuja Technology Village. He shares on traditional Nigerian family based culture vs rules-based cultures from elsewhere; and fitting the two together through mentorships.

Credit: SmartMonkeyTV

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