to Commence Western & Central Africa Routes.

Intra-Africa travel is slowly getting more affordable as more African airlines are joining alliances.

Traveling within the African continent can be fun, adventurous and challenging at the same time all depending on your mode of transportation.

If you truly want to travel from the Eastern Africa to the West Africa, or from the North Africa to Southern Africa in great comfort, your only means is by Air but that also comes at a great price.

I have traveled all over Ghana and to many parts of the world but not half expensive than traveling within Africa.

Why expensive though?

  • Is it because there is no competition between the airlines that flies on the continent?
  • Is it due to the unavailability of good and reliable airplanes for their operations,
  • Or lack of price regulation or  competitions among the existing players is causing it?

It was with great relieve as I read that, shall start operating from Libreville, Gabon on its expansion to Central and Western Africa.

This low cost airline came into existence just a little more than a year ago in South Africa.

It is a fact that flying within Africa is extremely expensive, and is certainly a contributor to the lack of intra Africa trade, which is something I have always advocated to put the continent on the path of sustainable growth.

Having more competition to the established players, as well as low cost airlines such as FlyAfrica will certainly contribute in making airfares more affordable.

According to Gabonese President Ali Bongo:

“ Aviation is the next infrastructure growth frontier for Africa. Enhancing air connectivity  can help raise productivity and create jobs by encouraging investment and innovation, improving business  operations and efficiency. Air transport is indispensable for tourism, where convenient air service facilitates the arrival of larger numbers of  tourists.”

I believe, Intra-Africa travel would slowly get more affordable as more African airlines join the continents network and flight alliances.

According to reports, has significantly shaken up the airline industry in Africa by offering the lowest airfares on the continent  and proving that the low – cost model is sustainable. On the Johannesburg to Harare route the airline has reduced  fares between 50 – 70%. will certainly make a dent in the African airline industry, with African passenger growth expected to be the highest in the world over the next 20 years according to the IATA.

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