Tips for Buying Second-hand Electronic Gadgets Online on Tonaton

Tips for buying second-hand electronic gadgets online from Tonaton

As you all know, online shopping/e-commerce is becoming a very popular cluture among the growing tech-savvy natives in Ghana and Tonaton – Ghana’s biggest online marketplace is making it very easy and possible for both buyers and sellers in Ghana.

So, your old mobile phone hardly stays on for an hour without freezing and you’ve been contemplating on getting a new one but your finances aren’t very good.

You’ve managed to save and decided to try your hands on getting a second-hand gadget that you can afford however, you want to avoid the mistake of buying a product and then finding out that you could have gotten a better deal elsewhere.

Below are my tips that can help you from making those mistakes:

Do Your Homework

There are different types of gadgets on the market these days, therefore before deciding on the kind you want to buy, do a little homework.

Are attracted to a particular brand product or you’ll be happy with just any good working second-hand device? Do you want a product with extra features or you just want a simple device that can perform basic functions?

Once you’ve decided on the type of brand, model features and price of the mobile phone /device you want, you’ve narrowed down your search. This will give you a starting point to allow you to estimate what price you will have to pay when you make your purchase.

Research Online

There are websites that can help you determine the price of the device you want based on its features and more. Chances are that, your friends and relatives might have an idea about the kind of gadget you want and how much you should be paying for it.

Classified websites like Tonaton come very handy when researching and comparing prices for used electronic gadgets online.

Determine Where to Buy Your Gadget

Once you’ve done your homework, researched online and found the perfect device/gadget you want, the next step is to decide on where to buy the item.

On Tonaton, some merchants have the “Verified Ad Poster” by their profile. These merchants have been verified by the Tonaton team and can be trusted therefore they should be your preferred merchant of choice.

Be Safe and Pay For Your Item

Never compromise your safety when meeting sellers for the first time even though they are verified. Avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such as unrealistically low priced items.

Make sure you meet the merchant in the company of a friend/relative in person at a public place, check the item and make sure you are satisfied with it before you make payment for it.

Develop a Relationship with the Merchant

Once you are satisfied with your purchase, there is likelihood you might need an item in the near future and this same Merchant might be the one selling. It is always a good practice to develop a healthy relationship with the merchants to foster future deals and discounts.


Used electronics can be very reliable and easy on your pockets once you’ve taken the necessary precautionary measures.

These tips should help you in your search for buying affordable and used electronic gadgets and other devices from online classified sites like Tonaton.

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