Why Small Businesses really do Need IT Support

Reasons why Small Businesses really do Need IT Support

If you are running a small business, the chances are that the last thing on your mind is IT support. This is understandable, after all, you have a long list of other things to worry about, and do.

How most start-ups approach their IT

When it comes to technology, most start-ups take a very ad hoc approach. They buy kit when they need it, open up the quick start guide to set it up themselves, and cross their fingers.

Sometimes that approach is OK. The new phone or laptop arrives, and takes just an hour to sort out.

Other times, you end up scrabbling around on the floor trying to hook your new kit up, only to discover that the darn thing will not connect properly.  Or, worse, that it is not compatible with your existing system. By the time you realise this, the chances are you have wasted a whole morning, and are in danger of being late on delivering a customer’s order.

No updates, lax security and no backups

Not to mention the fact that most small business owners do not do their updates properly, which leaves them wide open to attacks from hackers. Most do not have time to run regular backups. Usually, this means that when a hard drive fails someone is left using up precious time trying to recreate your accounts manually, so that you can file your tax return.

Not contracting IT support is a false economy

As you can see that is not a sustainable way to run a business. You can only get away with scrapping by without IT support for so long. At some point, avoiding the cost of hiring someone to take care of your technology infrastructure will turn out to be a false economy.

It only takes one hacker attack to ruin your reputation, and leave you with angry customers. Not to mention the fact that if it is proven that you have not taken steps to keep the data of your customers secure, you can end up being prosecuted and heavily fined.

Hiring the right IT support

Whether you are looking for small business IT support in Leeds, or another part of the country you need to take the time to do a bit of research. It is the only way to make sure that you hire the right type of firm for your business.

Fortunately, plenty of IT support firms specialize in taking care of small business owners, like you. To them you are a potentially important client. They know that small firms like yours, are likely to grow. As a result, most IT support firms will tailor their service to meet your needs, and charge relatively little for their service. Most take a flexible approach. They will not try to tie you into an expensive, long-term contract.

If you want more advice about what to look for, and how to negotiate a good deal, when hiring IT support, this article will be useful.

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