AfriGens! A YouTube series on the next generation of African and how they’re redefining success

AfriGens @work is a passion project where we seek, ask, and document life and career stories from next gen Africans adulting in the West.
AfriGens @work is a passion project where we seek, ask, and document life and career stories from next gen Africans adulting in the West.

For decades, the mindset of African immigrants living abroad has been generally linear: work hard, save up, send money home, and make sure the kids obtain a good education.

Parents stressed, “study hard,” “go to college” “become a doctor, accountant, lawyer” and “don’t forget where you came from,” as if those mantras alone could ensure a smooth passage towards a better life.

AfriGens is a new YouTube docu-series created and hosted by Janet Asante (Ghanaian) that profiles African influencers – the “next generation of Africans” – now adults – raised by African immigrants in the Diaspora to see if they’ve fulfilled the dreams of their parents in America or if they’re redefining success and living their own interpretation of their parents’ dreams.

Throughout the docu-series, you’ll discover how AfriGens are creating new definitions of what it means to be African and how they are using their voices, art, and careers to do amazing things.

The influencers we feature are successful professionals with African roots who are thriving in their chosen careers, rising to places of influence and affluence, and merging their traditional upbringings with more modern outlooks.  These AfriGens have built careers, launched businesses, and entered industries that our parents never dreamed were possible.

We know intimately how hard it is to break the glass ceiling. It’s time we show the world, the real value that the offspring of African immigrants living in the United States continue to bring,” states Asante proudly.

Joining Janet Asante is an award-winning photographer/creative director, Bessie Akuba (Ghana), and publicist/branding specialist, Jackie O. Asare (Ghana) all AfriGens who are redefining success in their own careers.

The AfriGens docu-series provides another opportunity for us to come together to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Our hope is that sharing these collective experiences will continue to push cultural boundaries even further, changing the perception of AfriGens and immigrants as we continue to make inroads,” explains Asante.

“Telling our stories matter, reflection matters, and documenting the history of African immigrants abroad matters.  Check out the trailer below:

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