Female Instagram Users Get 5 Times More Likes Than Male Users – Report

Who Runs The World? Female Instagram users get five times more likes on average than men

Who Runs The World? Female Instagram users get 5 times more likes on average than men.

Marketers and brands may consider focusing their influencer marketing efforts on women after new research revealed female Instagram users get five times more likes than male users.

According to Pew Research, 31% of female internet users are on Instagram compared to only 24% of male internet users. When segmented to United States users who visit the platform on a daily basis, the difference between genders is even more distinct—among daily active Instagram users (DAUs), 65% are women compared to only 35% male (eMarketer).

The social networking site has become the most popular social network right now after gaining 100 million users in 4 months to 700 million users.

However, the engagement statistics between posts made by male users and those made by female users are quite interesting and you may have noticed this.

Hopper – an Instagram planner & scheduling tool that posts for users did a study on the social network’s engagement statistics between males and females, and came up with the following:

  • They found out that on the average, female Instagram Users get five times the number of likes than Male Users (578 vs 117).
  • They also found out that, the posts by female Instagram users get third more comments on average than posts made by Male Instagram Users. (170 compared to 113).
  • Males are 10 times more likely to like and/or comment on female users posts than those of other men, which is not surprising at all.
  • When it comes to content posted by males, only 13% of the likes and comments were made by other male users.

It’s no surprise that on a visual platform like Instagram, men and women are drawn to the most beautiful and aesthetically appealing content. What is surprising, is just how much more popular female users are compared to men.“, says Mike Bandar, co-founder of Hopper.

Hopper also came up with the top types of content for both male and female users:

Type of Content by Female Instagram Users:
  • Make-up
  • Fitness/Motivation
  • Clothing
  • Celebrity
  • Travel
  • Friends and family
  • Lingerie
  • Food/recipes
  • Memes
  • Animals
Type of Content by Male Instagram Users:
  • Sports
  • Fitness/Motivation
  • Lingerie/Glamour models
  • Bikini/Beach selfies
  • Memes
  • Gaming
  • Friends and family
  • Celebrity
  • Clothing
  • Cars

What do you think of this revelation by the team from Hopper about the Instagram’s gender usage? Share your comments below.

Image Credit: Hopper


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