The ClickPack Pro – An Anti-Theft Backpack Just Raised Over $1 Million on Kickstarter

The ClickPack Pro is the anti-theft backpack for the safety conscious just raised over $1 Million on Kickstarter
ClickBack Pro
The ClickPack Pro is the anti-theft backpack for the safety conscious just raised over $1 Million on Kickstarter

I’ve always been a fan of the Kickstarter platform since they launched some eight years ago.

My good friend and colleague, Dela Tekpor and I have backed and supported very interesting projects on the crowdsourcing platform.

From Camera Cover – Privacy Cover Solution, Everyday Africa – The BookVoice controlled bluetooth tracker with a magic button to the HALO BACK Kevlar Charging Cable, I’ve backed these cool innovative products to support entrepreneurs and developers while owning a piece of their inventions.

As a frequent traveler who is always jumping from airport to airport, catching planes for meetings and conferences, security of my belongings has always been my number one priority.

As you may know, petty theft/pickpocketing happens mostly at crowded airports and the type of backpack you carry can make you a target for these criminals.

So, I was very happy when I came across this ClickPack Pro Backpack on Kickstarter.

The ClickPack Pro Backpack is an anti-theft backpack designed to protect its wearer and their valuables. The backpack comes with locking zippers, an impenetrable shell, and an attractive design.

It is also armed with slash resistant fabric to ensure that a sharp object can’t be used to penetrate its exterior, while its retractable wire lock can be used to tie it to a secure place, such as a storage rack on a train if the wearer needs to put it down.

The backpack is useful outside of its security features, too. A USB cable can also be pulled from out of its charging station, allowing the wearer to both charge their phone and use it as the same time.

There’s also a hidden, waterproof pouch to store your umbrella on a rainy day. A password lock also ensures that it can’t be opened using its zip unless the user has the code.

ClickPack Pro TSA Lock

I’m excited to be part of the 8,400 backers who pledged to have this backpack become a reality. The project has raised $1.2 million on Kickstarter despite having an initial goal of just $5,000.

At the moment, the campaign has ended but the retail version of the product will be available at USD $198.00 and should be ready for shipping to backers by July 2017.

Check out their promotional video below and let me know what you think about this backpack.

Do you know of any backpack on the market that is better than this one? Share your comments and feedback in the section below. 

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