Livia App Wants To Be The Uber for Ordering and Delivering Drugs

Livia App - The medicine ordering and delivery platform aim to be the ‘Uber’ for Chemists.
Livia App
Livia App – The medicine ordering and delivery platform aim to be the ‘Uber’ for Chemists.

Livia app is an Uber-like mobile app which allows users order medicine and personal care items from a wide selection of chemists online.

The service which officially launched today will allow users order medicine and personal care items from a wide selection of chemists online aims to expand across Africa when it hits its local target of 100,000 users locally.

Though Livia is currently only available in Kenya, it will ultimately be introduced to other markets such as Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and ultimately Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa. We will commence this expansion once we hit our target of 100,000 active users here in Kenya,”  Dr. Samier Muravvej, Chief Executive Officer of Neotech, the firm behind Livia app.

Livia is also developing a similar app specifically targeted for doctors. It will allow doctors to generate prescriptions on the Livia app and tag patients. It will slightly compete with isikcure and Dr. Hub.

To promote safety and build customer trust, Livia ensures its partner chemists go through a rigorous vetting process to ascertain that they can supply safe drugs.

The app has also secured the endorsement of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya. Livia is also actively engaging with insurers with a view to securing partnerships.

According to Dr. Muravvej, “Safety is naturally a key concern for our customers and for us as well. This why we working closely with the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya and vetting our partner chemists”.

Insurers who partner with us will not have to deal directly with chemists as through the app, we will be able to create the largest pharmaceutical network that they can tap into.” Dr. Muravvej added.

Livia is designed to benefit both the partner chemist and the end-user. Chemists that offer competitive pricing are able to liquidate their stock through the app, while customers who use the app access quality drugs affordably and conveniently.

Steps for using LIVIA App

  • Take a picture of prescription OR search for items/medicines
  • Select delivery point OR pick up your order yourself with Self-Collect option
  • Pay with mPesa/Mobile Money in a click and get your order!
  • Consult with a pharmacist for that extra peace of mind

Think about a young parent who needs drugs delivered for their child at home and does not want to spend time looking for the chemist with the best price. Livia allows them to make the order via their phone and arrange for delivery,” said Dr. Muravvej.

To take on competitor MyDawa, Livia has signed up reputable chemists in Nairobi and Mombasa as Livia Partner Chemists.

As partners, they receive an instant alert when a customer makes an order for a medicine or personal care items via the app and are invited to submit quotations. Chemists that offer the most competitive price are then linked with the customers.

Although Livia app is only available in Kenya for now, according to Dr. Muravvej, it will be rolled out to Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia in the next six months.

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