iSpace Foundation Opens Applications for Women in Technology Programme

iSpace Foundation has opened applications for its Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT) programme which aims at exposing young ladies to the world of technology.
iSpace Foundation

iSpace Foundation opens applications for its Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT) program aimed at exposing young ladies to the world of technology and entrepreneurship.

An innovation hub and co-working space, iSpace Foundation located in the heart of Accra have opened applications for its Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT) program which aims at exposing young ladies to the world of technology and trains them on its viable use.

Unlocking Women and Technology‘s aim is to harness the use of technology in mobilizing women and empower them to innovate through technology.

Recognizing that women are significantly under-represented in both the Technology and Startup ecosystem even with various organizations and business call to action to bring more women into the fold.

iSpace and partners through Unlocking Women andTechnology program are taking a proactive approach to bringing solutions. The program focuses on helping to remove barriers to science for girls and women. It then builds on their entrepreneurial passion for kickstarting a startup.

There are 3 Main Stages to the UWAT Program and all these stages focus on different development skills needed to build a Startup.

Successful applicants will be taken through business development, tech training, mentoring and will also be provided with a substantial amount of funding to set them up for a fruitful tech-inclined business.

iSpace Foundation believes that by consciously exposing young women to mobile app development and entrepreneurship, they will be uniquely positioned in today’s technology-driven world.

CEO & Co-Founder of iSpace Foundation, Josiah Eyison touched on the importance of the program by highlighting the need for young women in Ghana to develop an interest in Technology.

The UWAT program opens up a whole new world to participants and previous participants in the program have created apps targeted at different sectors of the economy”. he added.

The recently ended UWAT program produced sixteen start-ups who have moved on to the incubator stage, which is the penultimate stage for the ladies who engaged in it.

The startups include:

  • Recycler App
  • Compo Ghana
  • Tech Advocacy Network
  • Ghana Lost and Found
  • Shop4me
  • PQ Nugget
  • Be Keratif
  • Harmattan Rain
  • Easy Life Ghana
  • Creative Minds Learning Center
  • DapperAfrique
  • Salma’s World
  • Modest Codes
  • Miras Fruit Juice
  • Tobreme
  • Ajo Social

The aforementioned start-ups, using technology for their business provide solutions to virtually all sectors of the economy.

Interested applicants can visit iSpace Foundation’s website- or via email on for more information.

Deadline for applications is 24th June 2017.

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