Is Uganda’s e-Health App – Matibabu The Next Big Thing?

mHealth Mobile App, Matibabu aims to tackle the diagnosing of malaria with their smartphone-based technology in Uganda.
Matibabu Malaria App

mHealth Mobile App, Matibabu aims to tackle the diagnosing of malaria with their smartphone-based technology in Uganda.

Matibabu is the first smartphone-based system for diagnosing malaria developed by Code8 from Uganda.

The Matibabu application provides information that enables the user to know how to prevent malaria infection. The application also produces mosquito repellant sounds that chase away mosquitos within close proximity with the user.

The team comprising of Josiah Kavuma (Team Head and Lead Developer), Brian Gitta(Team Sec and Developer), Simon Lubambo  (Team Member and Elec. Engineer)  and Joshua Businge (Team Member and Research Coordinator) recently won the Microsoft Imagine Cup as the first Africa team ever.

The mobile app can diagnose malaria without pricking the body. The basic idea involves a custom made piece of hardware which consists of a red LED and a light sensor. A finger is inserted into the device to diagnose and the results are viewed via a smartphone.

The Matibabu Idea

The idea was developed after one of the team members fell sick with malaria and went through a painful and traumatising process of needle pricks and they tried to draw blood out of his body to test for malaria.

In addition, the whole process took over 30 minutes just to get the laboratory results. While all of that happened, the team asked themselves the question:

Can‘t there be a way we can have this process less or not painful and timely?

They sat down after returning from the hospital, brainstormed and concluded they needed to take on the project.

How Matibabu Works

Light is triggered into the skin to reach the Red Blood Cells. Light is used to determine the state of the Red Blood Cells to determine ones malaria status.

Matibabu mobile app

Why Does Matibabu Matter

Matibabu uses simple technology to address and solve one of the world‘s toughest problems especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries in the world.

In addition, the technology serves as a life-saving solution if embraced and used by people to detect malaria while in its early stages. The team plan to make money to sustain their innovation through selling hardware and medical record integration.

See the video above on how to use Matibabu to get to know your malaria status.

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