Lumos Mobile Electricity Partner MTN Nigeria for Affordable Solar Energy Project

Lumos Mobile Electricity Service partners MTN Nigeria to deploy Y'ello Box solar electricity boxes to users at affordable rates.
Lumos Mobile Electricity Service

Lumos Mobile Electricity Service partners MTN Nigeria to deploy Y’ello Box solar electricity boxes to users at affordable rates.

The complex dilemma of how to power Nigeria dominates politics and economics, yet hundreds of thousands of people are discovering the answer is to literally take power into their own hands.

This week, the Lumos Mobile Electricity Service deployed its 60,000th Y’ello Box, an at-home solar electricity device that lets users gain access to reliable electricity at an affordable price.

The Lumos service is combining the power of the sun and your MTN mobile phone to bring a new type of power to Nigeria.

This significant milestone means more than 300,000 people right across Nigeria are now benefitting from affordable, reliable, clean electricity, thanks to the Lumos Mobile Electricity serviceability to unleash the power of the mobile.

Mobile phones have transformed the way we spend our daily lives. In fact, a recent report declared Nigeria as the ‘world’s most mobilized country’ with more mobile traffic than any other nation.

With more and more mobiles, they not only drive our demand for more accessible and reliable power, but they can also help provide the solution. Lumos Mobile Electricity Service operates in partnership with MTN Nigeria.

Once MTN Nigeria customers have joined the service, they pay their monthly subscription fee for power from their MTN’s mobile phones air account by texting a simple code. There’s no need for mobile money, bank accounts or expensive machines. This is quick, easy, affordable, quiet and clean.

Mr John Stephen Akpan, a farmer from Lagos State who purchased the 60,000th system said:

The Y’ello Box is making a big difference. I was using a noisy, polluting generator, but now that Lumos has arrived, my farm has been transformed instantly.  I was surprised at how easy and quick the installation was, and that I was able to start using it straight away.

Yuri Tsitrinbaum, CEO of Lumos Nigeria said:

“The mobile revolution has transformed our need for power, and the mobile electricity service is also going to be a significant part of the answer.” The Nigerian economy will thrive if we give people the power they need to succeed. We cannot wait, and we need put power in everyone’s own hands.”

At Lumos, we have built a unique system that uses groundbreaking technology to harness the energy of the sun, capture and store it, and release it thanks to your mobile phone.” The energy mix in Nigeria is a complex issue which we all need to work together to solve.  We believe we have created something fantastic that is bringing power to people’s homes and businesses like nothing else before.” he added.

Lumos offers clean, affordable solar power to a market of 1.3 billion potential customers who live off the electricity grid.

Their enables people to replace hazardous and expensive kerosene generators and lanterns with modern solar electricity that can power lights, cell phones, fans, computers, TVs and other small electronic devices (all at once, every day).


By offering Solar Power as a Service, Lumos offers homes and small businesses a simple and affordable way to pay for electricity in small instalments using their mobile phones. 

Check this website: for appliances subscribers can use with the Lumos Mobile Electricity Service powered by MTN Nigeria.

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