Kenyan Solar Energy Company M-KOPA Connects 100,000 homes to PAYGO Solar TV

Kenyan Solar Energy Company M-KOPA has connected 100,000 homes to its pay-as-you-go Solar TV Program. 

Kenyan Solar Energy Company M-KOPA has connected 100,000 homes to its pay-as-you-go Solar TV Program.

Kenyan solar energy company, M-KOPA announced that it has connected 100,000 homes to solar TVs across the Eastern African Region.

The company founded in 2011 by Nick Hughes, Chad Larson, and Jesse Moore in 2014 and headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya sells home solar systems to its customers in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The M-KOPA 400 comes with a 20W battery, 20” TV, two lights, a torch, a phone charger and a radio. Customers pay a deposit of Ksh 3,000 followed by daily installments of Kshs 125 for two years. Customers with a good credit standing with M-KOPA can also upgrade to a TV in three months.

With M-KOPA households having an average of five inhabitants, this is calculated to be bringing 500,000 new TV viewers into the information economy. Information access has traditionally been a huge challenge for off-grid households living, with inhabitants having to travel to watch the news – often at a cost.

M-KOPA’s recent report, Tuned In, shows that solar TV is driving information inclusion in off-grid homes. It shows that 80% of M-KOPA customers are getting a solar TV to access news and learn about the world.

The report also shows that new solar television owners feel a new level of confidence and social inclusion and this is driving civic engagement. Off-grid homes with radio, smartphones, and television now have access to almost all of the information channels that on-grid homes have.

M-KOPA is about transforming our customers’ lives through quality and affordable products. An M-KOPA TV plays a really positive role in helping our customers feel more connected, informed and engaged,” says Jesse Moore, CEO of M-KOPA.

Paul Sendeu, the 100,000th customer from Kiserian says, “I am delighted to own TV for the first time. I will now watch the news together with my family. My children will now also be able to access entertaining and informative content from the comfort of our home and which we could never get before.

M-KOPA is on track to connect a million homes to its solar systems by the end of 2017 and it is making these affordable, thanks to its pay-as-you-go plans offered in Kenya through MPESA.

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