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30 Interesting Facts To Know About Africa…

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During the 1950’s, Africa was a continent awakening to the prospects of Independence.  In the 1960’s, Africa was a continent in transition for during the decade 31 African countries South of the Sahara became independence, 17 of them in 1960 alone. Notable progress was school enrollment and some industrialization.

In the 1970’s, Africa was a continent in Limbo. Development proved difficult, and regional and ethnic conflicts became rampant. The cold war placed African countries between the USA and Russia. Increases in oil prices by OPEC in 1973 affected the economic development of the African countries. The 1970’s were also periods of Sahelian drought and famine.
During the 1980’s, it became clear that Africa was a continent in decline. Hunger and starvation in Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia. Civil wars in Angola, Sudan, Mozambique and Southern Africa. In the 1990’s, Africa was a continent in Crisis. Economic stagnation continued to deteriorate. Rapid spread of AIDS threatens families and general societies.
Today; in the 21st century – Africa is described as the continent of hope with lots of opportunities for investment in the agriculture and energy sector… Below are 30 interesting things (most economical) you didn’t know about Africa.

Exports rose from $319.0 billion in 2007 to $413.7 billion in 2008, a 29.7 percent rise; conversely, imports rose less than exports, from $305.3 billion in 2007 to $372.1 billion in 2008, a 21.8 percent rise.

In the decade (1997-2007) Rwanda and Sierra Leone have made the greatest gains in life expectancy: 11 and 8 years respectively. Conversely, life expectancy has decreased 13 years in Lesotho, and 10 years in South Africa and Swaziland.

Source: The World Bank

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