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BlackBerry App World Now Accessible In Ghana

Ghanaian BlackBerry Users can now have full access to the BlackBerry App World.
This morning, my friend @Lydia Elim-Ama re-tweeted @BlaclBeryDev [photo below] which stated, Ghana and a host of other countries; Albania, Armenia, Benin, Algeria, Belize, Burkina, Bosnia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Morocco, Serbia, Tunisia and Zambia  can now access and enjoy  the full functionality of the App World which of course, brings with it many other applications.

BlackBerry_App_World Tweet

Somewhere in November, 2010; I read David Ajao’s frustration about his “Top 3 Annoyances with using the BlackBerry Service” in Ghana in which he clearly stated how Ghanaian/Nigerian BlackBerry users were excluded from accessing the BlackBerry App World which is also a service on the BlackBerry Smartphone.
From what I gathered; Out of the 91 countries where BlackBerry services are available, only 13 of them have access to paid apps while another 28 have access to free apps

In case you didn’t know; the BlackBerry App World is an application distribution service and application by Research In Motion (RIM) for a majority of BlackBerry devices. The service provides BlackBerry users with an environment to browse, download, and update third-party applications. The service went live on April 1, 2009. Of the three major app providers, it has the largest revenue per app at $9,166.67 compared to $6,480.00 and $1,200.00 by the Apple App Store and Android Market, respectively.

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