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#FixTheCountry One Million Signatures Petition: Vote of No Confidence in Ghana’s 1992 Constitution.

#FixTheCountry, a non-partisan and non-political civic movement by Ghanaian youths, calls for 1 Million Signatures in their campaign against Ghana’s 1992 Constitution.

On 28th April 1992, the people of Ghana went to a referendum to adopt a new constitutional document. The Constitution was supposed to provide a rebirth for a beaten and tired nation. It was supposed to be a celebration of our resilience as a people and our commitment to building a democratic society.

The document carried the Hopes and Aspirations of a people who had a sense of belief. A belief that the new Constitution will offer Justice. A belief that the new document will set Ghana on the rails for shared prosperity, liberation and true democracy. A belief that abuse of power, corruption, inequality and immoral elite politics will give way to freedom!

Nearly 30 years on; those dreams have remained stillborn.

The Constitution has failed in its assumptions and in its design. It has become the most prominent face of a Republic that has entrenched vile corruption; institutional disregard for Ghanaian lives; human rights abuses; and economic exclusion. Its provisions have been instrumentalized to shield immorality and provide immunity for the corruption of a decrepit political class. Its ethos has been infested with greed, inhumanity and criminal insensitivity.

Over the past few months, #FixTheCountry Campaign has created a platform that has mobilized Ghanaian civic conscience to reclaim our society; and to build a new path that leads to justice. We are asking questions that show the depth of the Republic’s moral corruption.

In a society where all civic institutions and administrative bodies have been corrupted from within by the political class and its enablers and corrupt appendages; #FixTheCountry is mobilizing citizens to become the last piece of resistance.

We are demanding a new society founded on justice. We are refusing to play by the rules of a political class that is so disinterested in the Ghana project. We are asking for a reset in the direction and the assumptions that pervasive immorality thrives on in our body politic.

For Ghana to work, we will need to reset to rebuild! For our democracy to work again and to deliver on its promises, we must urgently redesign the rules of engagement based on what past experiences have thought us. We need a Constitution for a New Generation that understands the urgency of justice.

Please sign the petition to declare a: Vote of No Confidence in Ghana’s 1992 Constitution.

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