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Ghana Fashion & Design Week. October 2012

Ghana Fashion & Design Week is scheduled to take place in Accra, Ghana from 5th -7th of October 2012 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel.
The 3-day event aims to empower Ghanaian designers, highlighting their contributions to the industry and branding Ghana as a global player in culture, fashion and tourism.
This event will see the launch of GFDW ETHIKHAâ„¢, an ethical fashion platform which aims to give ethical fashion designers an opening for exposure, and further bringing awareness to their efforts in sourcing and producing in Ghana and other African countries.
Also part of this year’s event is an Educational Seminar which will host key international industry experts and key players from Ghana with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills; bringing with them exceptional value and priceless knowledge in support of the successful development of the industry’s creative business practitioners.
GFDW® boasts a list of renowned sponsors including, BLACKBERRY, L’OREAL, SO AESTHETIC, PORSCHE, MOET & CHANDON, VIRGIN ATLANTIC, LARGESS AFFAIR, with international media support from VOGUE ITALIA, alongside NEW AFRICAN WOMAN, FAB MAGAZINE, SHADDERS AFRICA, AFRICAN FASHION GUIDE, AFRICA STYLE DAILY and list of international press coverage.
Below is the list of selected designers and more to exhibit at the event.
COCCOLILY – Canada, 1981 – Italy, MORTS & MORE – Britain, SARAH DUAH – Germany, CHRISTIE BROWN – Ghana, MARIA GONZALEZ RAMOS – Spain, JIL – Ghana, ORANGE CULTURE – Nigeria, MIMI LEE LONDON – Britain, BRIGITTE MERKI – Ghana, DUABA SERWA – Ghana, KENEMA – Britain [Ethical Fashion], KONFIDENCE – Ghana, KACHI – United States [Ethical Fashion], MINI EVANS – Ghana, TRADE NOT AID by AFRICA FASHION GUIDE – Britain [Ethical Fashion], REBEKAH OPUNI – Britain and LOVE APRIL – Ghana.

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