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Ghana Elections Hub Launched

From the Google Africa Blog:
December 7th 2012, will be an important day for Ghana and Ghanaian voters.  Ghana has already established a reputation for a being a vibrant and stable democracy, and expectations are that the upcoming election in December will be yet another opportunity to reinforce the well-deserved reputation.
During the election campaign period,  the Internet is increasingly playing a role in how Ghanaian citizens’ search for information about elections, and in how politicians seek to engage with voters.
To meet this growing demand for information online around the elections, we embarked on several activities.  From training local journalists and political parties on digital tools for elections, to partnering with local media partners like Citi FM to hold Google+ Hangouts with leading candidates and local civil society groups, to live-streaming the IEA Evening Encounters in Partnership with IEA Ghana and MMG, to partnering our Google Student Ambassadors in Ghana with local civic group Ghana Decides – our focus has been on making elections-related information accessible and driving citizen engagement.

Today, we announce the launch of the Ghana Elections Hub, an information portal where you can keep track of news and information related to the Ghana election.  Following up on our past efforts in Nigeria and Senegal, it is one more step in our ongoing effort to make sure our users can easily find and share locally relevant information.
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