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Infoline: SMS Powered Business Directory in Ghana

Determined to provide an avenue for businesses to reach and connect with customers efficiently, Edward Amartey-Tagoe; co-founder of Nandimobile is focused on creating platforms which empower connections between businesses in Ghana and their customers. They launched a new product, Infoline, one of the biggest mobile business directories in Ghana.
Infoline is simply a business directory service that enables mobile users in Ghana search businesses from a directory of over 18,000 local businesses in Ghana via SMS. A search result typically constitutes business name, contact details, business address or directions and the business sector.
How Infoline works
The process involved in getting information about a business in Ghana from the platform is pretty simple. From any mobile network in Ghana, users can:

  1. Text ‘’FIND [Name of Company]’’ to short code 1945 and
  2. In seconds, results are delivered to the user’s phone.

Users may receive more than one result if the directory contains multiple entries with that keyword but comes at no extra cost to the user.
Listing businesses on Infoline
It’s totally free for businesses to list on the Infoline platform, and additionally, businesses are offered the flexibility of managing their own content from a dashboard, with an analytics feature  enabling them keep track of who is viewing or requesting for information about them.
How different is this from the competition?
With the service running across all mobile networks in Ghana, businesses listed on Infoline are accessible to all 17million mobile users in Ghana, while the rest of the competition runs on some selected networks.
Secondly, business owners listed on Infoline, get the option of a personalised dashboard providing them with analytics on requests for his company information.
Future for Infoline…

We are excited about the potential of extending the directory from an “only a company contact information search” to other areas including product & service search etc. The team is happy to welcome your thoughts and comments…

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