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Day 1: Maker Faire Africa Lagos – Entrepreneur Spotlight – Nneamaka Nwosisi

African fabrics are been used in designing fashion accessories and more these days. Not only in Ghana is this creativity and innovation available.
At Maker Faire Africa Lagos event, young and elegant Nneamaka Nwosisi showcased fashion accessory made with locally sourced African fabrics/prints.
According to Nneamaka, she started her fashion line Mak Nisy Collections in June 2011 after returning from the UK to Nigeria in 2009 where she saw the vast business opportunities that existed in the making of fashion accessories from African prints/cloths.

Amongst the accessories she makes are ladies bags, bangles, notebooks and clutches. Prices of the items ranges from between N19, 000 (USD 120.00) to N5, 000 (USD 30.00) and items be can be shipped global.

She currently displays and sells her products on Asos Market Place and also on one of Nigeria’s shopping website – Kamdora. Below are photos of some of the accessories she displayed at the maker fair grounds.

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