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Meta teams up with African creatives for Its Africa Day Campaign.

Africa Day

Meta celebrates Africa’s growing cultural impact on the world through a new campaign dubbed “Made by Africa, Loved by the World”.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta today announced the relaunch of its global campaign “Made by Africa, Loved by the World,” which was first launched in 2021, as part of its Africa Day celebrations on May 25.

This year’s campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the voices and stories of people and businesses from across Africa who are making an impact on the world, features eight creators, innovators, and small businesses who are making a name for themselves not only in Africa, but around the world, and are changing the way Africa is viewed on the international stage.

Meta has teamed with local filmmakers to bring eight incredible stories to life as part of the on-platform and marketing campaign. A dedicated global and local Instagram campaign will run alongside this, with partnerships with African content creators, a community Reels challenge, the development of a specially designed AR filter inspired by #AfricaMade, and a series of free open virtual training sessions via the Meta Africa page, dedicated to all SMBs and Creators from across Africa.

I’m very pleased to be bringing back ‘Made by Africa, Loved by the World’ for the 2nd year running,Kezia Anim-Addo, Communications Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, said of the campaign. “This campaign is about showcasing the great talent we have on the continent, as well as the African people and businesses who are carving their own paths rather than just contributing to the global agenda. We remain invested in Africa at Meta, knowing that it is home to some of the world’s most talented and inspired people, and we look forward to heroing a few of these tales through our ‘Made in Africa, Loved by the World’ campaign.” she added.

Short Films: Made by Africa, Loved by the World

Partnering with five local filmmakers Tarryn Crossman (South Africa), Kofi Awuah (Ghana), Joan Kabugu (Kenya), Bardia Olowu (Nigeria), and Nelson Makengo (DRC), these series of inspirational and beautifully shot short films will live on a dedicated Africa Day microsite and focus on the stories of:

Meet the trailblazers of African creativity

Celebrating Africa Day on Instagram

On Instagram, we’re celebrating and highlighting the talent and diversity of the African continent:

Free Virtual Training Sessions

We’ll also be hosting a number of free open training sessions on the Meta Africa page to provide other upcoming creatives and entrepreneurs with the digital know-how to take their ideas global. Training topics include:

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