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Microsoft Announces Job Opportunities for Recent African Students for US & Canada.


Microsoft is hiring final-year students and recent university graduates from Africa for full-time engineering positions in Canada & USA.

Microsoft is hiring final-year students and recent graduates from African universities in engineering, computer science or related fields for full-time software engineering roles and will provide successful candidates with relocation to the United States and Canada.

Microsoft is happy to relocate you to the US or Canada if you are a student at an African University, have recently completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering, computer science or related fields, and have one year of programming experience in languages like Java, Python and PHP.

African software engineering workforce is a force to reckon with, and so far, four out of ten developers in the continent work for at least one company based outside of Africa.

This increased demand for African software engineers has been occasioned by increased global demand for remote tech talent as well as the so-called Great Resignation of the last two years, which was accelerated by the pandemic, leading to a global shortage of software engineering talent and creating more remote employment opportunities for African software developers.

This is a good sign and attests to the quality of education in Africa’s top engineering and computer science universities.

Click on this link to apply for the Microsoft, Software Engineering: Full-Time Opportunities for University Graduates, United States.

Eligibility requirements:

Click this link to apply for the Microsoft Software Engineering: Fulltime Opportunities for University Graduates, Canada.

Microsoft has been organizing free virtual resume workshops to help interested persons prepare for the application process. In these workshops, Microsoft will share its recruitment program, tips on how to make your application stand out and answer any questions from the audience.

The free virtual resume workshop will take place at different times, depending on your country. Here are a few below:

During the workshop, Microsoft recruiters will share more on the recruitment process, which usually takes place in four phases:

At Microsoft, certain roles are eligible for additional rewards, including annual bonuses and stock. These awards are allocated based on individual performance. In addition, certain roles can earn sales incentives based on revenue or utilization, depending on the terms of the plan and the employee’s role.

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