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How To Register for Your Ghana Tax Identification Number (TIN).


A simple guide on how to register for your Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Ghana both offline and online in line with Ghana Revenue Authority directions.

According to a recent report, a lot of Ghanaians don’t know how to register for their Tax Identification Number (TIN) and those who try registering for theirs are also getting frustrated by the system set up by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

This post is set to outline steps one can follow in registering for their Tax Identification Number (TIN) both online and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

In order to obtain your tax identification number (TIN) in Ghana, you will need to follow the laid down process by the Ghana Revenue Authority.

The Ghana Revenue Authority has an improved electronic system for obtaining a TIN number and this is FREE.  The system makes it possible for you to be identified electronically anywhere around Ghana. This prevents multiple taxations levied on individuals or companies.

How to Apply for Tax Identification Number (TIN) Offline

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How to Apply for Tax Identification Number (TIN) Online

In the case of online TIN application, you will need a scanned colour copy of a valid national ID (pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif). The acceptable IDs for the online registration are Voter ID, Driver License or National Identification Card.

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How to Apply for Tax Identification Number (TIN) via Email

You can verify your Tax Identification Number here: Check your TIN(Validation)

List of basic things you cannot do without a TIN in Ghana: 

The Ghanaian Daily Graphic‘s Kweku Zurek reported on thirteen basic things you cannot do without a Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Ghana. See the list below and take note:

  1. Clear goods from the port
  2. Register your land document with the Lands Commission
  3. Obtain a tax clearance certificate from GRA
  4. Open a bank account
  5. Register your company at the Registrars General’s Department or any District Assembly office
  6. Receiving any payment from the Controller and Accountant General or a District Assembly in respect of a contract for the supply of any goods or provisions of any services
  7. Obtain payment for contracts done for the government
  8. File a case at the courts
  9. Obtain a passport from the passport office
  10. Obtain a drivers license and register your vehicle at the DVLA
  11. Bid for contracts from a government agency
  12. Conduct business with the Ministries, Departments, and Agencies
  13. Cannot conduct business with the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies

Image Credit: Ghana Revenue Authority

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