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Seminar: Adoption of an E-Voting System in Ghana.

Somewhere in February, 2010; I wrote a post for Global Voices Online entitled; “Is Ghana Ready For e-Voting?; in which I quoted the Honorable Communication’s Minister; Haruna Iddrisu urging the Ghanaian government to research more into electronic voting implementation by 2016 and not for 2012 elections.

In the same post; I quoted the Chairman of the Electoral Commission; Mr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan below:

“If the government wouldn’t educate the masses including his aged mother in the village about the benefits of e-Voting and how to use it, he wouldn’t go in for it”.

Well, in reacting to the above, I’m very sure you’ve started forming own opinion and comments already. This morning, I received an invitation to attend the Technology Transformation Seminar which is been organized by the KACE-AITI on the theme: Adoption of an Electronic Voting System in Ghana.
As we are all aware; uncertainties appears to surround the implementation of an electronic voting system in Ghana as there are two main schools of thought concerning this issue. One school of thought says that Ghana’s democracy is not yet ready and asserts that the country is not developed enough to adopt this system, whilst the second school of thought thinks otherwise.

Is it time for Ghana to adopt an electronic voting (e-voting) system?
Will the use of an e-voting system necessarily guarantee a free and fair election during an election?
What role should the private sector and corporate bodies in Ghana play with regards to electronic voting in Ghana?
Do you think, Ghanaians are becoming skeptical with computerized systems?

Your views as wells the opinions of the experts will be much welcomed if you save the date and attend all this important workshop/seminar on the future of democracy in Ghana on:
Date: Thursday, September 8, 2011 from 15:00 – 1700 GMT.
Venue: Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT.  (Opposite the Council of State, Ridge – Accra)

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