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True Caller Insight: South Africa is 4th country affected by spam calls.


South Africa is the fourth country on the list of top 20 countries most affected by spam calls according to this Truecaller report.

In 2017, TrueCaller released their first Truecaller Insights on top spam-plagued countries around the world.

In 2018 alone, they have helped users block and identify 17.7 billion spam calls and also helped identify 74.1 billion calls in general for our users! This means that close to every fourth call that our users receive are spam calls.

In this year’s list, shockingly, Brazil has taken over India as the most spammed country in the world, with the average Truecaller user receiving 37.5 spam calls per month.

This means that Brazil has seen an 81% increase spam calls in a year!

Breakdown of the stats:

The case of spam calls in South Africa

South Africa continues to be one of the most spammed countries in the world – where it jumps from 5th position to the 4th most spam affected country.

South Africa has seen a 40% increase spam calls in the country going from 15 to 21 spam calls/month.

Almost half (49%) of all top spam calls in South Africa is scam related. Below are the various categories these spam calls fall under: 

Tech support fraud, where someone pretends to call from your bank or a company saying that your account has been hijacked and need your help to take control of it;

One ring scam, an unknown number (usually an international number) gives you a missed call and when you call them back you get charged a hefty fee for calling to that number;

Job offer scamsomeone pretends to be a headhunter calling you to offer you a job but you need to pay a fee in order to get the job.

Telemarketing is also a big problem in South Africa, which accounts to 38% of all top spam calls in the country.

These type of calls come from various companies, insurance agencies and financial services trying to offer something.

Source: Truecaller Insights

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