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Spinlet Officially Launched in Ghana

Spinlet – Africa’s first mobile music streaming and download service was launched officially in Accra, Ghana in partnership with the Musicians Union of Ghana – MUSIGA and EKB Records.
Spinlet is a lifestyle entertainment company and music service offering the best new music from Africa. It’s the place for artists and music labels to publish their latest hits and entire catalogs. Music lovers can buy, listen, share, and manage music – all within one free user-friendly mobile app.
Spinlet’s launch in Ghana will help in reducing piracy and helps Artists and Musicians capture revenue from their music sales, Eric Idiahi – CEO of Spinlet. There is no sign up fee. Selling your music on Spinlet is quite simple. Just register here.
Currently, the Spinlet is available on Android, Blackberry and Symbian phones. The iPhone, Java, and desktop applications are been developed, says Eric Idiahi.

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