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Survey: Job Creation Is Highest Ghanaian Voter Priority

Thirty-eight percent (38%) of Ghanaians say job creation should be the priority of the next President, with 20% prioritizing Education and 14% choosing Health-care as their top area of concern. Other possible priorities were fighting corruption (11%), food/fuel prices (10%) and roads (7%).

Voto Mobile survey results

This national poll comes at a critical time, with main political parties preparing their manifestos for the 2012 presidential elections.
The message is clear: the main priority for most Ghanaians is economic growth and job creation. One might have expected that with the Ghanaian Cedi down 21% in the past year, the pain of rising fuel and food prices would have swayed the population, but data reveal that more than anything, voters want a way to get more money in their pockets.
Voto, a non-profit polling service with offices in Accra and Tamale, conducted the survey. With its motto “More Voices, Better Choices,” Voto is committed to helping stimulate a dialogue between Ghanaians and their government through regular surveys of voter opinion. This survey was a pilot, and there will be more carried out over the course of this presidential election.
The survey was administered over SMS with 314 respondents older than 18 years old, from May 22nd to 24th 2012. The margin of error of this survey is 5.5%, 19 times out of 20.
For more information about Voto, or to participate in future surveys, please contact:, 020-461-3232, or visit:
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