12 African Startups Selected for 2019 Facebook Accelerator in Nigeria.

Twelves startups from Ghana and Nigeria selected for the 2019 Facebook Accelerator in Lagos, Nigeria.

Twelves startups from Ghana and Nigeria selected for the 2019 Facebook Accelerator in Lagos, Nigeria.

Facebook Accelerator, Nigeria in partnership with Co-Creation Hub has commenced season two of its program aimed at supporting and empowering students and entrepreneurs to build locally relevant solutions using advanced technology.

This year, the applications were open to Ghanaian innovators and are made up of eight startups and four student teams.

The six-month program aims to aid innovative and visionary applicants in creating solutions with advanced technologies. The startups will leverage technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) Data Science, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

The student teams taking part will be provided with equity-free funding of $10,000, whilst the Startup teams will be provided with $20,000 in equity-free funding. Both teams will also have access to technical and business mentors from the Facebook and the CcHUB network as well as free working space at NG_Hub.

These are the teams selected into the 2019 cohort:

Appruve: a financial data API, used by financial services to onboard and verify the identities of their customers in order to analyze transaction data from bank and mobile money account. Check them out here: https://www.appruve.co/

VNTS: VNTS is a consumer devices manufacturing and software/platforms company, actively innovating hardware solutions tailored to solve internet connectivity issues. Check them out here: https://vntsonline.com/

Chekkit: Chekkit eases asset tracking & consumer intelligence for food, beverage & pharmaceutical product producers/distributors through anti-counterfeit services by labeling products for smart and traceable authentications from the warehouse to the final consumer. Check them out here: https://chekkitapp.com/

Curacel: Curacel is an intelligent platform that fast tracks claim processing and detects fraudulent claims for health insurance companies. Check them out here: https://www.curacel.co/

Simbi Interactives: Simbi Interactives is an ed-tech startup that is solving the problem of poor education in Africa by making quality education available, affordable and accessible to all African students using maieutic learning. Check them out here:https://simbibot.com/

Haulr: An IoT and AI-powered platform that tracks trucking operations in real-time to curb illegal hauling & theft of cargo, while boosting efficiency & communication among logistics stakeholders. Check them out here: http://www.haulr.ng/

VMEDKIT: Vmedkit is a social enterprise with a mission to increase access to mental healthcare by leveraging Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET). Check them out here: http://www.vmedkit.com/

Gradely: Gradely is using analytics and data-driven recommendations to help schools and parents intervene in real-time to children’s learning gaps through weekly adaptive homework tests. Check them out here: http://gradely.ng/

InventOne: InventOne is a platform that allows hardware engineers, enthusiasts and hobbyists to build and deploy IoT solutions with little to no code written – via a graphical programming interface.

Mus-comm Spill-Sat: Spill-sat is an oil spill, gas leak, and vandalization detection system. It uses a balloon satellite to collect aerial data that is processed and used to provide real-time analytics to oil companies.

G E S A L: GESAL uses visual learning to offer quality education at a low cost to secondary school students leveraging AR to visualize complicated diagrams in 3D and deploy virtual laboratory tools.

Vinsighte: Vinsighte computer vision and sonar technology to aid the visually impaired in navigating their environment independently and read books conveniently.

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