Meet The 25 Startups Selected For Google Africa’s Black Founders Fund.

Breaking barriers and empowering innovators — Get to know the 25 visionary startups in Google Africa's Black Founders Fund.
Black Founders Fund.
2023 Google Africa Black Founders

Breaking barriers and empowering innovators — Get to know the 25 visionary startups in Google Africa’s Black Founders Fund.

  • Google Africa unveils its highly anticipated Black Founders Fund cohort for 2023.
  • The program aims to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs and provide resources and funding.
  • The top 25 startups were chosen based on innovation, market potential, and industry impact.
  • 72% of the selected startups are led or co-founded by women.
  • The startups are diverse in leadership, geography, and sector focus.

In an effort to fuel innovation and support the growth of African startups, Google Africa has unveiled its highly anticipated Black Founders Fund cohort for the year 2023.

This prestigious program aims to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs and provide them with the necessary resources and funding to turn their visions into reality. With a diverse range of industries and groundbreaking ideas, these 25 startups are poised to make a significant impact on the African business landscape.

The Google Africa Black Founders Fund is a testament to Google’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and driving economic development across the continent. This year, the program received an overwhelming number of applications from all corners of Africa, highlighting the immense potential and talent present in the region’s startup ecosystem. After a rigorous selection process, the top 25 startups were chosen based on their innovative ideas, market potential, and the impact they can create in their respective industries.

Breaking barriers and empowering innovators: Get to know the 25 visionary startups in Google Africa's Black Founders Fund. Share on X

Google for Startups Black Founders Fund: Africa provides cash awards — without giving up equity in return — and hands-on support to help Black entrepreneurs in Africa build and grow their businesses.

Google Africa unveiled the 25 African startups selected for the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund. — 72% of which are led or co-founded by women. These startups are diverse not only in their leadership but also in their geographical representation and sector focus.  In addition to equity-free cash awards, Black Founders Fund recipients receive ongoing Google mentorship, Google Cloud credits, and product support to help them navigate every stage of their startup journey.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the remarkable startups that have been selected for the 2023 cohort:

BezoMoneyGhanaMubarak SumailaA digital banking platform focusing initially on personal & group savings.
Talamus HealthGhanaDr. Murisiku RaifuA cloud-based software suite for patients and healthcare providers.
SusuIvory CoastBola BardetA platform that helps Africans in the diaspora fund healthcare services for relatives on the continent.
FleetsimplifyKenyaBalqis ChepkwonyA gig economy platform helping vehicle owners monetize & manage ride-hailing operations.
JumbaKenyaKagure WamunyuA B2B e-commerce marketplace connecting various players in the construction value chain.
TushopKenyaCathy ChepkemboiAn agent-driven, community group-buying platform.
UzapointKenyaAbraham MbuthiaA provider of bookkeeping, ERP, and mobile/web POS solutions for the informal sector.
ZydiiKenyaJoyce MbayaAn online learning & teaching platform.
Akoma Health NigeriaMelanie OkuneyeAn on-demand platform for therapy & mental health services.
Evolve Credit NigeriaAkan NelsonA provider of savings, lending, and core banking infrastructure.
Fez DeliveryNigeriaSeun AlleyA last-mile delivery platform.
Herconomy NigeriaIfe Durosinmi-EttiA woman-focused savings and financial services platform.
MDaaS Global NigeriaOluwasoga OniA provider of tech-enabled diagnostic centers & health services.
My Pocket Counsel NigeriaDeji AwoniyiA platform for generating, managing, and automating legal contracts.
Orda NigeriaGuy FutiA restaurant management platform.
Periculum NigeriaMichael CollinsA data analytics platform that helps customers with predictive insights.
RaenestNigeriaVictor AladeA payments & payroll management platform focused on contractors, freelancers, startups & remote workers.
TruQNigeriaWilliams FatayoAn on-demand logistics platform connecting individuals and businesses with van & truck owners.
Charis UASRwandaEric MuzigaA drone services company offering aerial imagery and data solutions.
ChargelSenegalMoustapha NdoyeA B2B digital trucking platform connecting shippers and carriers.
Excel@Uni South AfricaLungelo GumedeA student support & bursary management platform.
HealthDart South AfricaNjabulo SkhosanaA digital health platform offering digital healthcare consultations, an e-pharmacy, and health insurance policies.
Zinacare South AfricaPhilip MngadiAn online platform for home healthcare services & virtual consultations.
EzyAgricUgandaWilliam LuyindaA smart farming platform offering a marketplace for farm inputs, market linkages, and loans & software solutions for farmers.
RideLinkUgandaDaniel MukisaA B2B digital trucking platform connecting shippers and carriers.

Folarin Aiyegbusi, Head of Google’s Startup Ecosystem Africa, expressed his thoughts on the new cohort, stating, “Startups play a significant role in driving Africa’s digital transformation. We are excited to collaborate with this group of innovative founders who are utilizing technology to address the most critical challenges in Africa.

Please watch the short promotional video provided below.

Why is Google for Startups doing this?

Google believes that empowering entire communities is a direct result of funding Black founders. They recognize that access to capital and support is crucial in creating greater economic opportunities. Leveraging their unique position, Google aims to provide funding and support to help founders expand their businesses, thereby creating an environment for their success and enabling them to have a significant impact on their communities. The primary objective of these funds is to enhance economic opportunities for promising Black startup founders.

Google for Startups has been actively investing in promising founders since 2021. They have provided $13 million in cash funding to founders across Europe and Africa. These investments have yielded impressive results, with the funded founders subsequently raising a total of $205 million in follow-on funding.

Google for Startups’ ultimate goal is to foster the growth of Black-led startups, encourage innovative solutions to challenging problems, and ultimately generate wealth that benefits the communities they serve.

Benefit for Beneficiaries

The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund offers founders a non-dilutive capital of $150K to support their Black-owned businesses. Alongside the funding, recipients will also receive $100K worth of Google Cloud credits, as well as hands-on mentorship and comprehensive support throughout the organization.

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