• Darlington Akogo - Mimo AI Lab, Accra.

    Opinion: Accra Provides Lessons on How To Run An AI Start-up.

    While skepticism toward AI startups is common, a growing number of young Africans are discovering ways to overcome it, realizing the immense potential within this transformative field. MinoHealth AI Labs — based in my home city of Accra, Ghana’s capital — specialises in providing artificial intelligence for healthcare applications,...
  • GhanaCard

    Opinion: The GhanaCard Gamble; A case of chasing the wind.

    Guest Contributor, Shormeh Dowuona writes about the introduction and controversy surrounding the issuance of Ghana’s quick smart National ID card, GhanaCard. One way to think about the now controversial National Identity Card project is to ask what would happen if we can’t find the US$115 million that the National...
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