Gadgets: Meet Foldimate, an automatic laundry-folding machine debut at CES 2019.

Foldimate is an automatic laundry-folding machine that was announced at CES 2019 in Las Vegas can fold, de-wrinkle, and perfumes your clean clothes.

According to a recent consumer survey conducted by Whirlpool: 46% of the homeowners want “appliances that fold clothes” – People hate doing laundry and especially folding it after it’s done.

FoldiMate is the answer to these group of people because the device is programmed to fold laundry quickly, consistently and like a pro.

It can even perfume, soften and dewrinkle while it folds. Folding takes as little as 10 seconds per garment, and when it’s done you’re left with a neat stack of clothes ready to be hastily crammed into a dresser drawer.

FoldiMate was set up in 2012 and ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign the following year to develop what was, at the time, a prototypical version of its idea.

A further three years of development have turned the FoldiMate into a refined portable version that can dewrinkle, treat and fold most items of laundry. That’s about washer-sized and it’s designed to be stacked on top of a washer or dryer.

FoldiMate says it takes less than 5 seconds to clip an item into place, around 20-30 seconds for dewrinkling and 10 seconds for the folding process.

It says it hasn’t found a lot of people who can fold laundry as fast and with as consistent quality as the time taken to clip items in place, which is the main active role that the user plays in the process.

Take a look at this videos below to see how Foldimate works:


What do you think about Foldimate, the laundry folding machine? Would you buy one when it’s finally available on the market?

Image Credit: Digital Trends.