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Google Launches First Developer Space in Lagos, Nigeria and Its Free To All.

The Google Developer Space which sits in Africa’s most active tech hub, Lagos, Nigeria, is open to African developers, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Google has launched its first Developers Space on the African continent, in Lagos, Nigeria. The Google Developers Space is a hub for African developers, entrepreneurs, and startups and will house the Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa.

Members of the African tech community can use the space for free starting today. Besides housing Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa, the Google Developer Space will host developer meetups, training, experts office hours, women-in-tech events, and startup programs (outside of Launchpad), as well as partner events that support the wider entrepreneur and developer ecosystem, plus Google initiatives for empowering people through digital skills training.

The launching of Google’s first developer space in Africa is a promise kept. In 2017, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, while on a visit to Nigeria and Kenya, made a commitment to African entrepreneurs to start the Launchpad Accelerator Africa program and launch a space to house these efforts in Nigeria.

And the newly-opened Google Developers Space in Lagos is a fulfillment of that commitment.

The space will serve as a hub where entrepreneurs, developers, mentors, VCs, and investors can connect and collaborate with each other. And the good news is that the facilities in the space are free and accessible to all.

To bring the vision to life, Google partnered with a number of local tech hubs and designers of coworking spaces including Impact Hub and Spacefinish.

As Africa’s emerging tech startup ecosystem continues to bubble, Google hopes to play a part in the tech revolution by working with startups and other players in the ecosystem from across the continent. And the newly-launched space is likely to help it achieve that.

Featured Image Courtesy: GoogleAfrica

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