, a reselling platform made easy, debuts operations in Nigeria

A social commerce platform that connects people to sell, resell and buy products or bookings, Reselr has launched its services in Nigeria.

A social commerce platform that connects people to sell, resell and buy products or bookings, Reselr has launched its services in Nigeria. is a new online platform that makes it easy to sell anything you have quickly and securely. From one-time individual sales to full-time sales support for businesses of varying sizes, is the e-commerce platform for you.

Powered by social commerce, not only helps retailers but also positions publishers –website and blog owners, to effectively earn from bookings and get paid from product promotions.

Starting a business or topping up on your monthly income has never been easier. No investments or capital are needed. All you have to do is download the app, and start sharing and selling.

According to the geniuses behind the platform, Onyeka Orji and Jite Ovueraye, their mission is to re-imagine buying and selling in ways that build a more connected and interactive world in the post-COVID era.

Following the global pandemic, businesses have been seeking means to bounce back. Widespread unemployment has also got people constantly searching for ways to make money, whether as a main-hustle or as a side-hustle,” said Orji. has been built in such a way that it helps businesses sell more by connecting their products and, or, bookings to people who are willing to resell those products or bookings to their individual contacts and followers to earn profits. Our Resellers can set their own profits on each item, and their customers can place orders on the Resellers’ web stores.

Ovueraye added: “One cool thing that we have just built into is that all customers placing orders on Resellers’ web stores can choose to send the bill of their orders to their friends or family to pay for them, be it a product, a hotel room booking, a reservation, etc.

For example, a customer can send an order to a friend or split it amongst a few friends to contribute payments for his or her order.

There is currently no one doing this at the moment, and we are proud to be the pioneers of this incredible way to socially drive payments of goods and services online.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, businesses can list their products or bookings, and become suppliers by visiting the website, Individuals can also become resellers and earn money online by visiting the website,, and downloading the app.

Credit: Vanguard Nigeria
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