Meet Samori Gambrah: The Visionary Global Brand Director for Captain Morgan.

Meet Samori Gambrah, Captain Morgan's Global Brand Director. Learn how his diverse background and brand expertise have fuelled his marketing triumphs.
Samori Gambrah
Samori Gambrah, the Global Brand Director for Captain Morgan.
Meet Samori Gambrah, Captain Morgan’s Global Brand Director. Learn how his diverse background and brand expertise have fuelled his marketing triumphs.

In the ever-evolving world of brand management, few individuals stand out as exemplars of cultural pride and brand excellence. One such luminary is Samori Gambrah, the Global Brand Director for Captain Morgan, a renowned Diageo brand cherished by consumers in over 100 countries.

Born to Ghanaian parents in America, Gambrah’s upbringing exposed him to diverse cultures. He takes immense pride in his heritage, which has undoubtedly influenced his remarkable career path and unwavering commitment to crafting world-class brands.

The Path to Success and Inspiration

Gambrah’s journey to his current role has been nothing short of extraordinary. After graduating from Miami University, he returned to his ancestral home in Ghana in 2006 to embark on his career. His early ventures with SABMiller and later ABInBev laid the groundwork for the marketing virtuoso he would become.

Gambrah’s remarkable “#NoExcuse” campaign for Carling Black Label earned him the prestigious Cannes Lions Grand Prix, proving his mettle in the competitive marketing world.

At Diageo, Gambrah’s ascent continued, and in 2021, he took the helm as the Global Marketing Director for Johnnie Walker, spearheading the acclaimed “Keep Walking” campaign. His pursuit of excellence never waned, and today, he holds the coveted position of Global Brand Director for Captain Morgan.

A defining moment in Gambrah’s life came from a profound source of inspiration – a commencement speech by Denzel Washington. The actor’s words, “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship, fall down seven times get up eight,” resonated deeply with Gambrah, driving him to persist in the face of challenges and inspiring others to dream big.

A Day in the Life of a Brand Visionary

As the Global Brand Director for Captain Morgan, Gambrah’s days are brimming with purpose and passion. He leads by example, coaching his team on various projects, from groundbreaking campaigns like “Spice On Africa” to innovative product launches like Captain Morgan Black Spiced in the UK.

Gambrah’s expertise lies in harnessing the power of data and creativity to shape consumer perceptions. Walking meetings around Soho are shared, where ideas flow freely and innovation thrives. And despite being based in London, his role knows no geographical boundaries. Zoom sessions connect him with Marketing Directors and Captain Morgan teams worldwide, fostering collaborative problem-solving and unlocking new opportunities.

For Gambrah, being a brand marketer at Diageo is a dream job. The chance to work with world-class brands and make a lasting impact on the world is a humbling experience for him. He attributes Captain Morgan’s consistent evolution and success to its unwavering commitment to its core elements: the delectable spice of its liquid, with notes of vanilla and brown sugar, and an attitude of fun that permeates its marketing campaigns.

The brand of Captain Morgan is continually advancing through fresh consumer insights and cultural campaigns, like their recent partnership with Vita-Coco in North America and the ‘Enjoy Slow’ campaign with Bree Runway in South Africa, according to the Global Brand Director.

Captain Morgan Spice On Africa Campaign

Captain Morgan “Spice On Africa” Campaign.

A Legacy of Inspiration and Impact

Samori Gambrah’s journey as the Global Brand Director for Captain Morgan reflects a man driven by purpose, cultural pride, and a passion for crafting exceptional brands. His dedication to inspiring others to dream big and pursue their aspirations is evident in his work and personal philosophy. Gambrah’s rise to success encourages all aspiring marketers, reminding us that embracing our cultural heritage and staying true to our values can lead to greatness in the world of brand management.

As we eagerly anticipate the launch of the “Spice On Africa” campaign, Gambrah’s legacy as a visionary leader continues to inspire and impact marketers and dreamers worldwide.

Get a sneak peek of Captain Morgan’s upcoming “Spice On Africa” campaign, promising attitude and dynamism. Stay updated on the latest news and releases from the beloved Diageo brand.

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