“Sincerely Accra” Podcast Selected for $100K Africa Podcast Fund by Spotify.

Ghana's Sincerely Accra Podcast selected as one of 13 podcasts to receive $100,000 from Spotify's New Africa Podcast Fund Initiative.
Sincerely Accra Podcast
Sincerely Accra Podcast

Ghana’s Sincerely Accra Podcast selected as one of 13 podcasts to receive $100,000 from Spotify’s New Africa Podcast Fund Initiative.

Sincerely Accra, a popular Ghanaian podcast produced by Gold Coast Report (GCR) about urban life in the nation’s capital, Accra, has been selected for US$100K funding by Spotify for the New Africa Podcast Fund Initiative.

Spotify’s Africa Podcast Fund is a $100,000 fund that will support and amplify burgeoning podcasters’ stories, bolstering their careers through financial grants, workshops, and networking opportunities. This initiative aims to help African creators gain global exposure and shift the historically limited view of African stories.

The recipients of the fund are independent emerging podcasters with growing audiences. We focused on supporting podcasts that showcase a range of voices, formats, languages, and content from hosts of all genders. Our goal is to help platform African creators on a global scale and shift the historically restrictive view of stories about the continent.

We’re excited about the development of podcasting in Africa, particularly because the medium allows underrepresented African voices to tell the story of Africa,” says Melissa Mbugua, Co-Director of Africa Podfest, the organization that will administer the fund.

Below are the selected podcast recipients:

Sincerely Accra was created to contribute to public discourse on a variety of unfiltered topics affecting life in Ghana and how young adults, millennials, and generation z are getting by. Episodes alternate between vox pops and in-studio interviews predominantly in English, with an occasional blend of Pidgin, Twi, and Ga.

For myself and Donald Aryee, as co-founders, this is a validation of efforts as Sincerely Accra was the only podcast selected to represent Ghana. Our creators and GCR have been championing and growing the Ghanaian podcast community through amazing shows and our live events, such as MOSAIC and SA Meet and Greet. We are immensely proud of the Sincerely Accra Team and look forward to the new levels of success GH podcasting will reach,” says Cyril Afeku, Co-Founder of GCR.

In the words of the great Ghanaian songstress Efya, Accra living no be easy! We started Sincerely Accra to tell the intriguing stories of Accra living, and it’s really amazing to us that what started out as Accra’s love letter to Ghanaians is now on track to becoming Accra’s love letter to the world. We owe a ton of gratitude to the GCR team, Spotify Africa and most importantly, our sincerities; our unrelenting die-hard fans who have gone to the moon and back for us. We appreciate it so much and cannot wait to show everyone what we have coming up. Keep checking for us because it’s always a good time on Sincerely Accra!Joseph Nti (Co-creator & Show host) and Kwame Asante Ofori (Co-creator & Show producer) said in a joint statement.

The podcast is fast-paced and colourful, featuring a mix of personalities with exciting and varying discussions driven by both the speakers’ opinions and pop culture. The show is Accra’s love letter to the world and captures the soul of the city. It comes out every two weeks on a Monday on Spotify and all other podcast players.

The Africa Podcast Fund

The $100,000 Africa Podcast Fund aims to bolster the careers of these podcast creators through financial grants, workshops and networking opportunities. The Africa Podcast Fund is offered to select creators from African countries with the biggest podcast listenerships, namely South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

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