Maker Faire africa 2012 – Lagos, Nigeria

Maker Faire Africa is delighted to announce their 4th event Maker Faire Africa, Lagos which will take place in Lagos, Nigeria from November 5 – 6, 2012.
Join them once again as they continue to cultivate new and existing maker communities across Africa. As was the case in Accra (‘09),Nairobi (’10) and Cairo (’11) MFA 2012 will present and spotlight the vibrant and endlessly creative individuals that have come to represent the spirit of ‘making’ throughout the continent.
These innovators, artists and tinkerers will be exhibiting a fusion of the informal and formal; ideas, inventions, hacks and designs both low-tech & high-tech. From cuisine to machines, come see their re-imagining of products, exploration of novel materials, and original solutions for some of the continent’s most important challenges and opportunities. They are excited to be having this event in Africa’s most populous and vibrant city – Lagos.
A megapolis that pulses with the possibility and imagination that feeds the spirits of those who create. Maker Faire Africa 2012 will be a celebratory showcase of unhindered experimentation and curiosity.

Visit the MFA2012 : Lagos event page for more details on how to participate. Apply to be a Maker at Maker Faire Africa 2012.

Image by Senongo Akpem

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Mobile Tech: How Mobile Devices Are Changing Media Consumption

InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertizing network, has released its updated network research report on how Mobile devices have change the way we consume media in this succinct infographic below: (don’t you just love infographics for the way they just make complex things look very simple?)

InMobi Infographic on Media Consumption
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