10 Startups Selected Into Impact Hub Accra’s Betaraise Accelerator.

Impact Hub Accra's Betaraise Accelerator has accepted ten promising startups from Accra, Nigeria, and the US.

Impact Hub Accra’s Betaraise Accelerator has accepted ten promising startups from Accra, Nigeria, and the US.

With a minimal-frills approach and a laser focus on aiding first-time founders with no prior expertise in raising money, the Betaraise accelerator is made to help first-time founders move from launching a beta product to their first pre-seed investment round in the shortest amount of time.

Ten outstanding entrepreneurs have been chosen to participate in the Betaraise Accelerator by Impact Hub Accra, in cooperation with the FMO Ventures programme and with VC4A, following a thorough evaluation process of approximately 200 submissions in the program’s first iteration.

BetaRaise couldn’t have arrived at a better moment, says William Senyo, CEO of Impact Hub Accra, when discussing the motivation for the accelerator.

First-time founders need all their assistance to navigate their growth path in times of global slowdown and less capital deployment from VCs. With a no-frills strategy designed to address team gaps for businesses, launch their beta product, and build traction to close a pre-seed deal, BetaRaise is successfully accomplishing this.

Designed for first-time entrepreneurs with little to no fundraising experience, the program’s structure is aimed at helping first-time founders build a solid team, tighten up their beta rollout plan, acquire users and use strong beta numbers to close a pre-seed round of $100k+. 

Check out the ten startups below, listed in no particular order:

  • Street Streams Ltd 🇬🇭: Street Streams exists primarily as an innovation hub that enables identified communities to have a better life experience using technology and science.
  • Cedi Job 🇬🇭: Cedijob is an online platform where service professionals (freelancers and artisans) are instantly linked with customers who need their services. Cedijob leverages technology by providing the access infrastructure which informal workers and freelancers are commonly lacking – from access to the skill market to customer service, work processing and payment management.
  • Ignite Lines 🇬🇭: Ignite Lines is a global sourcing hub that gathers data, networks, and people to make cross-border trade happen. We deliver value by providing intelligence, an ecosystem, and a global network of people to help buyers and suppliers find new opportunities, get connected, and start doing business together efficiently.
  • AwayyBus Technology Co. Ltd 🇬🇭: Our flagship project, TapDom, is focused on delivering the most convenient payment services in transport, logistics and events revenue collection.
  • PackPapa 🇬🇭: PackPapa is the fastest way to buy and sell everything packaging online. We strive to revolutionize the $300 Million dollar African packaging industry by bridging the gap between packaging manufacturers, distributors, retailers & the bizpers (business/personal) users.
  • Kinzerra 🇬🇭: Kinzerra is a free online platform that makes it easy for locals and tourists to find and buy locally made products online.
  • Merdeo Foods 🇬🇭: Merdeo is an alternative B2B marketplace for smallholder farmers and vendors by leveraging technology combined with modern distribution and logistics to aggregate consumers’ demand and build a more efficient and resilient supply chain.
  • ErrandPay 🇳🇬: ErrandPay helps travellers, intra-African traders and African immigrants to access cash and payment in local currencies instantly.
  • StoVoo Inc 🇺🇸: StoVoo Inc disrupts the food service space through food delivery that integrates e-learning, appointment booking & advanced meal planning in Ghana and globally.

Ten early-stage startups in this exclusive class represent the urban food systems, mass-market distribution, renewable energy, e-mobility, gig economy, and fintech industries. Nine startups are active in Ghana, and one “wildcard” startup from Nigeria is attempting to enter the Ghanaian market.

The ten startups in this cohort will receive BetaRaise support over a 3-month period from June to August once they have been matched with an experienced “venture partner” who will offer knowledgeable guidance at the management and board level. Following this, they will have the chance to pitch themselves to a chosen group of (pre)seed investors.

About Impact Hub Accra

Impact Hub Accra is one of Ghana’s top social innovation and entrepreneurship hubs. Its goal is to encourage inclusive prosperity in West Africa by building a strong and vibrant social innovation ecosystem.

The Osu Ako-Adjei area has been developed over the last five years to serve as the city’s innovation district and the hub for Accra’s entrepreneurs and forward-thinking intellectuals. They are at the intersection of talent, technology, and capital for social effect. Impact Hub Accra is the city’s top startup centre with more than 250 different members and more than 1700 square metres of steadily greener workplaces under supervision.

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