The Kuyu Project Goes To Ghana

From 28th – 30th Oct, 2011 I shall be working together with Magnus Gameli Adzaho & Jo Webber on the Kuyu Digital Project; a digital literacy program introducing a group of high school students in Keta Secondary School and other surrounding schools in the Anlo District to:

  • Basic Information & Communication Technology Skills (ICT4D)
  • Emailing & Social Networking
  • Engaging in Social Media positively and
  • Video Reporting (Citizen Journalism)

The key to successful implementation of digital technology in our society and effectively achieving our hope of becoming a technology powerhouse involves growing a human resource base that can facilitate that development. One of the ways of getting the best and the brightest in to the field of technology is to expose them early to technology and its possibilities.

About Kuyu Project
The Kuyu Project is a digital literacy initiative aimed at teaching African youth how to fully utilize social media and other digital tools to effect social change in their communities to achieve their goals and objectives.
Currently; the project firmly covers 4 broad areas:

  • Digital Training Camps
  • Digital Mobilization Kit

Recently, a number of schools in Eastern Africa have benefitted from the great mentorship of Kuyu Project.  Below are a few of the various projects:
AZMA – Girls from Precious Blood School Creating A Social Network For Community Service
Scaling Out: Taking Digital Skill Sets To West African High School Students
It is my hope that, the various training we shall be taking them through will afford them the opportunity to use digital tools and social media platforms for the betterment of their self’s and communities.

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