Treepz Ghana to pilot app-based Mass Transit in Accra.

A Ghanaian mobility start-up, Treepz Ghana has signed a deal to pilot an app-based mass transportation solution within the Greater Accra Metropolis.

A Ghanaian mobility start-up, Treepz Ghana, has signed a deal to pilot an app-based mass transportation solution within the Greater Accra Metropolis.

Treepz Ghana has agreed to trial an app-based mass transportation solution inside the Greater Accra Metropolis with HM Evolution Services Ltd, a renowned transport provider in Ghana. Through the Treepz Mobile app, travellers will be able to book intra-city bus journeys on HM Evolution 44-seater buses.

Upon a successful pilot, the partnership will see the onboarding of additional 44-seater buses to help ease the hassle of daily commuting.

The agreement will also strive to lessen the hardship of passengers who have to stand for long hours to queue or struggle for seats at bus stops,” Treepz Ghana said in a statement.

Passengers will be able to book their seats even before they arrive at their bus stops thanks to the Treepz smartphone app. They merely need to choose their pick-up time, as well as their pick-up and drop-off bus stops, and then wait for their bus to arrive.

The pilot will commence on the Accra to Ayi Mensah, Circle to Amasaman and Circle to Kasoa routes.

The Treepz service, which is cashless, is in line with the country’s drive for digitization, and will allow passengers to pay bus fares via mobile money and other digital channels, the company said.

Treepz Ghana Country Manager, Isidore Kportufe added that: “We are thrilled to embark on this journey with HM Evolution, and are really looking forward to welcoming other bus partners onto our Vehicle Partnership program. This highlights Treepz Ghana’s long-term commitment to leading the charge in the use of shared mobility technologies to enhance how we travel and make moving around the city more convenient. Most significantly, our bus partners can expect consistent revenue and development in their businesses.

At this critical moment when everyone is concerned about the traffic issue, we believe this step may play a vital part in unlocking the prospect of pleasant, predictable, and safe mass transit throughout the city,” he said.

This would alleviate congestion and provide drivers the option to park and ride, ultimately reducing the number of automobiles on the road, which contributes to the heavy traffic on key roads.

HM Evolution Services Managing Director Adri Hopson said: “We are confident that with further engagement with all stakeholders in the transport sector, we can modernize the industry and remove all bottlenecks within the sector. Although we have been in the transportation business for some years, we are very optimistic about this opportunity to introduce technology through our partnership with Treepz Ghana. Our buses are neat, air-conditioned and very comfortable and will provide a great in-ride experience to all passengers”.

About Treepz Ghana

Treepz Ghana is a technology company that operates within the transportation space, with operations in Ghana and Nigeria. The company’s mobile app available on Android and iOS enables commuters and companies in Accra and Lagos to book comfortable AC buses for their morning, afternoon, and evening rides on fixed routes.

Credit: Starr FM / Ghana

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