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USAID & EPIC Global Multimedia Branding Campaign Docie On Ghana

USAID and Ghana Government in collaboration with EPIC Global Media, produced a multimedia branding campaign documentary focused on Ghana’s development and achievements across its businesses.
Through this innovative partnership, which includes local Ghanaian entities, Brand Ghana and USAID, EPIC developed and showcase Ghana’s brand to the world, with a particular focus on potential investors, business partners, tourism and Diaspora.
The documentary which will be aired on a variety of television channels across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United States, will feature various sectors and individual business owners across Ghana.
The objective of the initiative is to showcase Ghana to the world with a particular focus on informing and attracting potential investors, business partners, tourists and Diaspora. EPIC’s Director, Tiffany Steeves, said: “Ghana has experienced significant economic and development related gains in recent years, however a large gap exists between the reality found and the international perception.”
The official premier launch event is set to take place very soon in October, 2012.  In attendance will be some of Ghana’s Corporate elites, government officials, intellectuals, and VIPs. Keep an eye out for more information on launch event, and the release of the full documentary coming soon.
Below is a preview sneak peek highlighting inspiring brands and individuals making change and development in Ghana!

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