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Video: What’s Up Africa – Protest 2.0

If my dedicated and passionate readers/followers have realized, there’s no video post on my blog and it isn’t a good sign for content creation & new media promotion.
I’ve been thinking about starting a video blog which adds more content to my blog until I was recently approached by the producer of WHATS UP AFRICA Show; Ikenna Azuike after a colleague from the BBC Africa Have Your Say program recommended my blog for his contents. This means, I shall be featuring the next episodes on my blog from now on. Hurray!!!

What's Up Africa

What’s up Africa is presented by RNW producer Ikenna Azuike, who was inspired by the successful American video blogger Ray William Johnson. In his video blog Ikenna takes a quizzical look at what’s hip, hot, eye-catching or…
This week Ikenna looks at how a new NGO has found a way to ‘help’ Africans, he explores African creative talent in the world of film and there’s a blast of goodness from Ikenna’s new Cape Verdean heroine plus my blog been featured as “Blog of the Week”(watch till end of video)
[youtube_sc url= width=400 rel=0 fs=1]
Episode 28 of What’s Up Africa was filmed and edited by Dominic Soete about creative Africa.
Also, take a look at other past episodes:
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