Afrilabs 225 Members

AfriLabs adds 27 new members to reach 225 innovation hubs in Africa

AfriLabs, a network organization of innovation centres across 47 African countries has added 27 new members to its network which brings the total number of members to 225.

AfriLabs has added 27 new members to its network which brings the total number of members to 225 in 47 African Countries. Furthermore, this means that AfriLabs has extended her reach to 8 new cities and a new country, Cabo Verde.

In North Africa, IMPACT Lab, Savannah Innovation Lab and City of Innovation, Research & development joined the AfriLabs Community.

In West Africa, Work and Connect, Itanna, The Assembly Innovation  Hub, Bayelsa Tech Hub, EBusiness Incubation Center, Kër Thiossane, Yison Tech Hub, Northern Innovation Lab, Developers Academy,  Ghana Tech Lab, Maio Business Center and The Disruptive Lab became a part of the largest hubs network in Africa.

The Maker Club, The WOW Factory and The Neo Hub also joined the network from Southern Africa, and members from East Africa include THE LIGHT Universe, E4Impact Accelerator, Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Center, Empretec Mauritius and Obuntu Hub.

Central Africa was not left out as Climate Change Africa Opportunities (CCAO), United Advance Development, StartOpp Zone and SCS Afrique Centrale Innov also became member hubs of AfriLabs.

Earlier this year, AfriLabs added 28 new hub members, and with the recent admissions, the total number of new members added this year so far stands at 55.

AfriLabs was founded in 2011 to build a community around rapidly emerging tech hubs and innovation spaces that serve as meeting points and communities for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The aim is to empower these hubs by building their capacity to support startups and businesses and build a thriving, innovative economy in Africa.

Every year, AfriLabs hosts an Annual Gathering of ecosystem stakeholders to plot the way forward for the continent’s entrepreneurial growth.

This year’s edition is going virtual and will hold conversations on how Africa’s Tech community can build resilient innovative systems. Learn more and be a part of this year’s Gathering here.

In 2018, Liquid Telecom partnered with AfriLabs, to explore new ways to support local start-ups and promote sustainable innovation across Africa. From digital skills training and workshops to accelerator competitions, the two firms launched a new series of joint programmes designed to accelerate growth within the region’s tech start-up communities, ultimately helping to stimulate economic growth.

Liquid Telecom delivered connectivity to AfriLabs innovation centres located within its fibre footprint, which included our space, Bongohive in Zambia, BUNI in Tanzania and many more.

Liquid Telecom also provided start-ups with access to critical development tools by leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform as well as the software developer platform, GitHub, which was acquired by Microsoft.