Bolt-Lite: A more affordable ride-hailing option from BOLT

A more affordable ride-hailing option Bolt-Lite by Bolt ride-hailing has been launched in Accra. 

A more affordable ride-hailing option Bolt-Lite by Bolt ride-hailing has been launched in Accra.

A leader in the ride-hailing market in Ghana, Bolt has launched the Bolt-Lite ride option in Accra.

The Bolt Lite, which is already available for users in Kumasi, is 15% cheaper and offers customers the opportunity to pay less for their trips.

Bolt Lite is fully optional for Bolt drivers and allows them to switch between Bolt regular and Bolt Lite at one click.

Commenting on the roll-out of this new ride option on the Bolt app, Nonso Onwuzulike, Bolt’s Country Manager for Ghana, said the new option allows drivers to take full control of their earnings whilst offering financial relief to customers from the effects of a prolonged COVID-19 crisis.

We appreciate the huge financial burden on our customers with respect to transportation especially in these difficult times and thus we have decided to offer them some relief with Bolt Lite,” said Mr. Onwuzulike.

He added that Bolt drivers, who are at the core of the company’s operations, have an alternative opportunity to earn on the Bolt Lite.

Our analysis indicated that the lower-priced category will increase the number of rides and decrease the time drivers spend waiting for the next order. Therefore, after consulting with our drivers, we have decided to launch a fully optional Bolt Lite category that would help increase their activity and earnings,” he added.

Bolt Lite ride type is available to users at all times except from 8 pm to 12 midnight on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

About Bolt

Bolt is the leading European mobility platform that’s focused on making urban travel more affordable, convenient, and responsible. Bolt has more than 30 million users in over 35 countries across Europe and Africa. Its services range from ride-hailing to micro-mobility with e-scooters and electric bikes to food and package delivery.

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