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Interview: Jarreth Merz – Director; An African Election Documentary

“Ghana found itself in the same place in which the U.S. election stalled in the 2000 presidential elections. But instead of the unwillingness of the candidates to allow the system to proceed and the people to decide, Ghana honored democracy and its people.” (Jarreth Merz) 
Sometime last month (Ma5 5, 2012); during our Blogcamp 2o12 event at the Kofi Annan ICT Center; myself and the Ghana Decides Team interviewed Jarreth Merz – Director & Producer of “An African Election” documentary which was on Ghana’s Election in 2008.
He shares the philosophy behind his work and An African Election documentary, his thoughts on Ghana Politics, the Ghana Decides Project and an advice for the youth in general…Take a look below:

You can also watch the trailer of the “An African Election” documentary below:


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