Check out Photos of Google’s New Office in Accra, Ghana.

Google has opened its first African Artificial Intelligence (AI) research center in Accra, Ghana. Check out photos of the new space.

Google has opened its first African Artificial Intelligence (AI) research center in Accra, Ghana. Check out photos of the new space.

Google, a global leader in technology, has opened an Artificial Intelligence (AI) research facility in Accra, Ghana, and has since published photographs of the facility.

With the opening of this research office, which is the first of its kind in Africa, Ghana has become a significant regional hub for the development of cutting-edge innovations in the area.

In April 2019, Google Research announced the opening of the Google AI research center in Africa bringing together top machine learning researchers and engineers in this new center dedicated to AI research and its applications.

The potential impact of artificial intelligence on the world is enormous, and it will be even greater if the world is adequately represented in the creation of new AI technology. They, therefore, think it makes sense for the development of artificial intelligence to include a good representation of the world.

They have recently opened a new artificial intelligence centre in Accra, joining our network of AI-related places worldwide.

Will Chan, Google’s Real Estate Project Executive, posted pictures of the AI team’s workspace earlier this week on his LinkedIn profile. The office space, according to him, will facilitate the team’s work in the nation.

Why Google Chose Ghana

Google already operates AI research facilities in Silicon Valley, Paris, and a number of other places worldwide. Due to Ghana’s robust educational system and previous business relationships with the country, Google chose Ghana above other potential locations for its first AI research centre in Africa.

According to Lucy James, a specialist in African issues, who spoke to CNBC, Ghana may have also attracted to Google because of its more stable political environment.

The Accra location, however, is unlikely to be the only Google AI research hub on the African continent. The corporation may establish other AI research facilities in other African cities, according to Jeff Dean, a Google executive who manages AI initiatives.

The new Google AI space in Accra is showcased in the gallery below. Images shot by the Ghanaian photography studio FlickArt Studios.


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